The Wolfsin GRIZZLY, A radio so tough, so rugged, so strong we gave it a name rather than number.   

Wolfsin GRIZZLY Born Tough to Work Hard

The Wolfsin Grizzly really is born tough, it is one big Bear of a radio, a radio manufactured with a double layered enclosure reaching IP67 water proof and MIL spec toughness. Please click below for the photo-shop brochure. The other pictures are taken during the actual GRIZZLY field trails and tests (not the Bear picture:).    



The GRIZZLY  is one tough radio, made the way they "used to make them", big, loud, mega tough, great receiver and a battery not to die for! This battery was tested for days and days and days on standby, we stopped counting at seven days standby over and above around 4 or 5 hours of actual transmit and receive, that's not 4 or 5 hours of transmit and receive on a paltry and miserable 5%/5%/90% duty cycle but 4 to 5 hours of talking and listening as well as and over and above being left switched on for a week or more. The Grizzly battery endurance is just simply incredible!


"If you want fancy features that you may or may not ever use, then buy a Wolfsin analogue systems radio or a digital radio, If you want a radio that will still be talking when every other radio has ran out of steam or has broken down, then invest in a GRIZZLY " 


The GRIZZLY moves away from fiddly little switches and knobs to full size controls that can be operated with outdoor gloves on. Further, for working personnel who may use instruments or tools in their right hand the GRIZZLY is designed for easy left hand use. Every Grizzly has a  bespoke, up to six colour coded, heavy duty protective front labels which help to clearly identify the group, department and user. Wolfsin Grizzly Enduro batteries are also labelled for clear identification. 

Call Tacticom on any of these main office numbers

Plymouth - 01752 777787: Glasgow - 0141 353 9456

Inverness - 01463 751332:  Duty Mobile - 07708 971839 or 07827 898000

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Wolfsin radios are tested and retested in the remote Scottish highlands in the most extreme conditions in the UK. Not only are they manufacture-laboratory tested to the usual MIL Spec 810, TIA/EIA603 and IP specification but are continually extreme tested on land, air and sea trials for months in the harshest conditions possible. Wolfsin is based in the outskirts of Inverness, Scotland for good reason. It is here that  Wolfsin radios are regularly tested in biting cold -10 to -20oC conditions for days and nights on end, often lying in inches of frozen snow. They are tested in driven rain, in 100 mph winds (IOL 2014/15).

We use them in open waters where they are soaked with sea water*, we heat them to plus 60-70-80oC and then we drop test them again and again. We test them in swimming pools in depths from 1 metre to 3 metres for 2 to 180 minutes. Wolfsin radios are deliberately dropped multiple times onto hard surfaces; they are thrown against stone and brick walls, struck and sat on. They are driven over by a 2.5-3.5 ton 4 X 4 truck, then it is done again and again until Wolfsin are satisfied that any Wolfsin radio is tough enough to stay the leader of the pack.

* After exposure to sea water the Wolfsin radio and parts should be carefully cleaned with fresh water. 

Wolfsin ©™® specialises in refining and enhancing any product it puts or lends its name to, "hear the call" ©® and "born tough to work hard" ©® encapsulates the central drive and theme for all Wolfsin communication products and services.