The new HUSKY professional analogue radio. Keeps going, lasts longer, looks great. Born tough to work hard, the new HUSKY as the name suggests is incredibly reliable and durable with a less than 0.0035% failure rate in eighteen months. The HUSKY really is "Born tough to work harder"

Wolfsin HUSKY Born Tough to Work Hard

COVID-19 (Corona Virus) will present unprecedented health and safety issues for all two way radio users. A potentially deadly nightmare scenario for owners, directors and managers of every type of company or organisation, large or small.

Think really - really hard and contemplate and consider the legal ramifications if any employee COVID-19 infections are traced back to shared radio use, particularly if employees by operational needs or H&S, are required or expected to share hand portable radio equipment.

Using an individual issue, identifiable at a glance professional HUSKY hand portable two way radio is the safest way to use two way radios at this time.

Now is the time to take the Wolfsin HUSKY to work

Think how contaminated a radio will become if two, three, four, five or more radio operators are all using the same radio!!! Worse, imagine what the measure of build up of virus load could be after one week of use by multiple users, speaking, shouting, and breathing directly on to the hard surface of any one of your two way radios??? 

It doesn't matter whether you are operating on analogue, digital radio or any combination of the two, COVID-19 does not care, it will happily jump from user to user, person to person all day and every day and then onward to other contacts - personal and business. The consequences could be very grave indeed for all businesses, firms, government depts, councils and NGOs employers of all and any size.

Contemplate and consider the legal ramifications if COVID-19 employee infections are traced back to radio use, when said employees are required to share radio equipment. Spraying, soaking, or washing every existing operational radio in 60-70% plus Alcohol/Ethanol solution or gel every time a radio changes hands from one user to another simply won't work and this false pretense will simply destroy the radio in quick time!

Now is the time to take the Wolfsin HUSKY to work

With two unique radio body designs and 8 unique body colour combinations giving sixteen radio colour variations, any individual issue uniquely coloured HUSKY simply cannot be mistaken by and used by any other user. 

The HUSKY keeps initial purchase and ongoing costs down by using the same battery, belt clip, aerial, charger pod and PSU throughout the range of colour coordinated HUSKY  professional grade radio bodies

Even in these challenging times it is has never been easier or more cost effective, in real terms, to issue the instantly identifiable - at a glance - HUSKY radio to every inidivual employee who could be at risk from the spread of COVID-19 by the sharing of two way radio radio equipment either by design or by accident

With the HUSKY  it is now completely possible to issue a colour coordinated hand portable radio unique to any and every employee or department or section which could , quite literally, be a potential life saver for staff at this time. The Husky and Grizzly range is available throughout the UK

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The new Wolfsin HUSKY is a UHF, VHF and PMR446 IP55/54 commercial grade analogue portable radio which over the last 2 years has been incredibly reliable with a less than a 0.0035% failure rate. The new HUSKY range has now been expanded to include two unique case designs with six to ten colour combinations each, thus giving the HUSKY up to twenty distinct model - colour design combinations* (more combinations to follow).

The HUSKY enables every department- division - section or person to have their own unique colour/model combination of HUSKY at no extra cost, with more colour combinations to come.

The Wolfsin HUSKY follows on from the WH44 which never failed to impress. From the hidden background dark blue LED display that is both informative and discreet, clearly identifying channel number, privacy tone type, high or low transmit power, received signal strength, audio volume and battery reserve.

Feature for the HUSKY  include:-

Voice annunciation for the channel, Voice and display can be dealer programmed "off" for more discreet / covert working / operations. 200 channels, CTCSS, DCS, VOX, TOT, BCLO SCAN ADVANCED SCAN, and comes as standard with a 2000 Mah Lithium Ion Enduro battery that will last 16 hours or more on a busy 5/5/90 radio network. 

The HUSKY is available in full bandwidth VHF (136-174MHZ) and UHF (400-470-480MHZ) all versions are fully dealer programmable. All HUSKY radios have  superb receivers which perform as well as or better than many digital radios in our long range back to back tests and trials. The HUSKY is ideal for the UK General/Lite Business licence for industry, business and commerce and is designed for easy use in large building of mixed occupancy (hospital, schools, colleges, etc) where easy identification of a individual or department radio user is important or indeed now essential.

The HUSKY PMR 446 version has 199 memory channels able to accommodate all the best known PMR446 channel configurations. It is fully dealer programmable to be able to mix and match with any other analogue PMR446 handset.

As you would expect from a HUSKY clear and loud audio can be heard in all types of working situations and being a medium sized compact hand portable with a large PTT button and well spaced on/off and channel knobs it is easy to operate with gloves and use anywhere.

The Wolfsin HUSKY looks good, really good, with the kind of ergonomics and looks to easily allow it be used as the front of house communication tool of preference for professionals, it not only looks the part but performs superbly. The HUSKY meets IP55* and MIL Spec F, able to shrug off the day to day rain, storms and moisture that most working radios have to deal with. As its namesake suggests the HUSKY is both rugged and reliable with a less than 0.0035 failure rate (measured over an 18 month period of seven hundred HUSKY radios sold to multiple users and industry types)

"If you need an impressive looking radio that covers ground superbly well and is as  easy to use as it is impressively specified and rugged, then look no further than the Wolfsin HUSKY "

The new HUSKY brochure will follow shortly showing colour combinations and full specification. HUSKY is supplied as standard with an Enduro 2000Mah Lithium Ion battery, strong heavy duty screw in belt clip, compact fast charger pod and UK PSU, banded aerial and user manual. The Wolfsin WH44 2000Mah battery can be fast charged in just under four hours (average) with a 16 hour operational duty cycle at 5/5/90*.

Available in Blue-black, Orange-black, Grey-Black, Green-Black, Yellow-Black and all black* case/cabinet colour co-ordinations. The Wolfsin HUSKY follows on and now leads in the footsteps (paw prints) of the very best of the ruggedised two colour coordinated analogue radios.

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  Wolfsin "Born tough to work hard"TM

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* MORE COLOUR COMBINATIONS TO FOLLOW, 16 hour duty cycle based on back light LED auto off after 5 seconds.IP54 tested at factory, IP55 tested in the field and finished in the UK and NZ. IP55 assume that the audio accessory cover is firmly closed and only Wolfsin quality audio accessory are used.