POC - Press to transmit Over Cellular also known as PTToC. We have been watching and waiting for almost four years to be able to offer the best range of POC handsets with the best and most secure platform, gateway and server arrangement.

Pictures to follow soon

The Wolfsin POC handsets follow the latest IP67 design format as the class leading and very classy WHD700 series digital DMR and NXDN hand portables. The WHD700P comes with a full colour LCD screen, full or half keypad operation all encased in a specialist GE patented poly-carbonate case giving high Military spec 810 and IP67 water proof protection and toughness. Supplied with a high quality large capacity battery of 3600 Mah (this is the standard battery - larger capacity batteries are available).

The WHD700P looks superb, feel great in the hand and performs brilliantly. Ultra fast two way, worldwide communication at the press of a very tactile PTT button, which is large enough to be easily be operated with outdoor gloves.

This is just one of two dedicated POC handsets and one POC mobile coming very soon with a DMR repeater offering seamless integration to our range of POC and DMR handsets.



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Tacticom as our name suggests operates quietly and quite tactically in the way we go about our business and promote ourselves, we don't shout or boast about our successes nor make spurious grand claims, we are simple very - very experienced in everything two way radio