We have been hiring quality two way radio equipment in Plymouth, Exeter, Glasgow, Bristol, Burton on Trent, Edinburgh, Inverness and throughout Cornwall since 1964. Not only do we have unrivaled radio hire experience, we uniquely hold hundreds of hand portable radios for hire in our secure local premises. We are truly local and have offices or direct dealers or agents in the areas in which we operate.  We are happy to supply hire radio equipment out of area also. We stock a full range of chargers and audio accessories in our hire department. We possibly have one of the most comprehensive hire departments, outside of London, in the country.




We have hired 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of radios to 100s of clients over the years since 1964, Our hires include (but are certainly not limited to), The Americas Cup, MTV, Pro Golf, Ardman Animation, The Ten Tors, League cup events both local and National, Lord Mayors Day are but a few of the many events we have hired radios to. We can hire from 2 radios to 200+ radios for 1 week to 1 year or more (subject to certain OFCOM terms). 


We have a number of longer term hire packages available from our full season hire (low risk, low cost - normally a three, four or five month term) to our three year hire buy package and almost every other hire type in-between.


We hire Rexon, Abell, E-Tech, Kirisun, Hytera, Wolfsin and Motorola hand portable radios, mobile radios, desk top radios and repeaters. We have a large modern hire fleet of hand portable radios with audio, charging and battery options and accessories to meet and match any requirement. We keep a range of on site aerials, stands and masts for customer use. We also hire repeaters and desk top radios.

We were the originators of the Hire buy agreement within the two way radio Industry (much copied but never bettered).

Since 1964 we've hired to all sorts of companies from start up companies to blue chips and more! we have some of the best radio handsets/systems available for immediate hire at sensible and affordable rates of hire.  


Call Tacticom on any of these main office numbers

Plymouth - 01752 777787: Glasgow - 0141 353 9456

Inverness - 01463 751332: Duty Mobile - 07708 971839

If your prefer to email for sales advice or technical help, please email :-


Tacticom, as our name suggests, operates quietly and quite tactically in the way we go about our business and promote ourselves, we don't shout or boast about our successes nor make spurious grand claims, we are simple very - very experienced in everything two way radio.