The Rexon RL-D800 DMR professional hand portable is an economic digital and analogue DMR radio offering tier 1 and 11 compatibility.  



Now with shunting safety tones as standard.

From near invisible shut lines to a solid but comfortable feel in the users hand, to hold is to behold just how good the D-800 radio is. The Rexon RL-D800 has a toughness and ruggedness that is simply incredible, every moving component remains fluid and tactile despite the granite like toughness. Audio in both analogue and digital is very loud and very clear, even in digital mode the audio retains a warmth that reminds the user of analogue radio audio. The Rexon RL-D800 takes digital radio to a new level not only in operational excellence but in price.

Uses TDMA digital technology, DMR compatible 

tier 1 and 2, Operates in both digital and analogue

Private call, group call, all call in digital mode

CTCSS and DCS in analogue mode, 5 tone options can firmware upgraded

Text messaging (LCD version) in digital mode, Direct mode and Repeater mode

Late entry

Integrates voice and data to increase operational efficiency

Emergency call, Lone worker, call alert, radio check, radio disable/enable.



Tri-colour LED indicator for TX/RX status, calling, scanning, Upto 1000 contacts in digital mode (LCD version), Dual priority channel scan operations, IP67 and MIL Spec C,D,E,F,G, Industry standard Bluetooth Dongle and associated hardware.

1800 Mah Lithium Polymer Battery.

Compact at only 113.5mm X 54mm X 35mm (L,W,D). Weight 280grams

Rated audio output of 1W (1000mW)


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